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Here are the winners of the April 2017 Competition. Facebook-Button

To view all the entries click on the link below.
After clicking on the link then select one of the three competition types by clicking on one of the “Select” buttons.  Once the competition is shown click in the “Show All Images” checkbox to show all the images. Then click either on the “Slideshow” or “Thumbnail” button.  Enjoy!   –>  Display Competition Images

Meeting: May 8

Join us at 5:30pm in the Oak Room for Camera Academy 2 – Lightroom Demostration – hosted by Jeffri Moore and Melody Martin. This is the second for Camera Academy 2 and this session will focus on using Lightroom. Members have asked for more information on using Adobe’s Lightroom for processing their images. We’ll have five (5) OCC members – Pete Harrison, Julie Lee, Melody Martin, Pat Husband, and Anna Jo Noviello – available in the Oak Room for demonstrations of Lighroom (LR). Since there are multiple modules within LR, and, there is not enough time to cover it all, tonight, we’ll concentrate on the Library and Develop Modules. Our OCC Volunteers will give you a “taste” of what a photographer can do with LR, including importing images, keywording, creating Collections, exporting, and using the many options within the Develop Module. Our Volunteers are of different skill levels with LR, so if you find your question is not answered by one of them, feel free to move onto another. Be sure to checkout the Lightroom resources PDF which is available on the Digital Content page as a download.

The General Meeting continues afterwards at 6:30pm to 8:00 pm. During our general session we will be having a “table top” shoot. Bring your cameras and tripods. There will have about half a dozen tables set up with a variety of items for members to arrange and shoot. Feel free to bring in items to share! The idea is to be creative and shoot what is set in front of you.

It will be a fun evening for all members…so pack your gear, join us and shoot away.

Meeting: May 22

Join us at 6:30pm to 8:00pm for the general meeting where we will have a Swap Meet. Be sure to bring whatever gear you have laying around which needs a new home and bring your checkbook in case you see something you must have.

!!CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!!  ***May 24 Shootout: Reflector Portraits on Location***

Meet us near the Pagoda at Lake Eola for a demonstration and practice with taking natural light portraits with the assistance of reflectors and diffusors. Models will be our very own OCC photographers! We need volunteers to bring reflectors and diffusers so comment below if you are able to help out. We will work in teams and all photographers will be shooting and posing. Bring your camera with a mid-range to telephoto lens (somewhere between 50mm – 200mm is flattering.)

FCCC 2017 2nd Triannual Print Competition

JOIN US! The Orlando Camera Club will be participating in the next FCCC Print competition on May 25th, 2017.

Are you interested in participating and submitting an Image for the Print Competitions with FCCC? There are just a few steps to get started. To learn more visit F3C.org, make sure to join if you haven’t already and become a member, the process to join takes a few days. You will automatically become a member of FCCC after registering, as long as you are a member of the Orlando Camera Club.  Again, it takes a few days to verify your membership with Orlando Camera Club so get started today.

Download this PDF for Instructions on signing up or creating a new account on the FCCC site

F3C Sign Up Instructions

Once you have joined you’ll be able to submit your prints beginning on April 29th.  Make sure to read the Rules and Regulations: https://f3c.org/competition/rules-and-regulations/

Online Entry submission begins on April 29, 2017 and our Club Deadline for you to deliver your prints is at our May 8th meeting.

If you have any questions, contact us at education@OrlandoCameraClub.com.

 Presidents Message

Welcome to the Orlando Camera Club where our membership encompasses all categories of photographers from novice to advanced and enthusiast to full time photographic professionals. We come from around the world with many varied  professions and photography interests. Some of our members are “snow birds”, attending during their winter stays in Florida and participating long distance while at their summer homes. One thing we all have in common is a desire to learn together and share our images, techniques and fellowship.

OCC hosts Competition Nights during even numbered months where images  are critiqued by Central Florida photographic and art professionals. Categories for competition include Beginner, Advanced, Monochrome and Creative. Education is a high priority and there is the Camera Academy 1 and Camera Academy 2 covering a series of topics for novice and intermediate photographers that meet before the General Session (we are currently revamping our offerings so check our club calendar for upcoming sessions.)

Monthly field trips, called Shootouts, are timed to coincide with competition themes, bird migrations, local events and member desires. Many of our members donate their photographic services to charitable organizations via our Volunteer Coordinator. Our Program Chair brings in some of the biggest names in photography for our monthly General Sessions. OCC’s advanced members present their specialties regularly at club meetings and are available before and after meetings to help with questions relating to cameras and post-processing.

Orlando Camera Club has a vibrant Facebook page for its members ( Facebook: Orlando Camera Club ). Here we share our creations, travel photos, and conversations on photographic topics. It is a 24/7 social community. As a member of OCC, we are also members of the Florida Camera Club Council (F3C.org). At F3C there are opportunities for further digital and print competitions, discussion boards, and a statewide conference that happens every few years.

Lastly, organizations thrive by mentoring those who will lead in the future. OCC’s offerings would not exist without the tireless efforts of our volunteers, past and present, who truly care about the success and growth of our club and its members. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your President and would love to hear from you at: president@orlandocameraclub.com!

Best Regards,
Julie Lee, President

P.S. If you are not yet a club member, please be my guest at one of our General Meetings, introduce yourself, and try Orlando Camera Club on for size.


Welcome to Orlando Camera Club