Club Member Websites

 Members Name Genres Website
Gary Shaver Landscape and Fine Art Photography
 Michael Adkins Lifestyle Portraits, Architecture,  Fine Art,  Training.

Bill Grisaitis

Travel, Natural World, Fine Art, Exotic Cultures

Ron Caimano

Light Painting,  Landscapes and General Photography
Ken Blye Fine Art
Ken Blye

Wildlife,  Travel, Architecture, Scenic and Nature
Ed Rogner General Photography
Mark Pollitt Travel, Landscapes and Wildlife
Shelley Lake Simulation, 360 Virtual Reality and Fine Art
George Crudo Food and Architecture
Matt Klinger Fine Art, Landscape, Portraiture
Laura Knight Fine Art
Linda Matthews Digital Artistry
Mike Moore Landscapes and Nature
Deborah Sandidge Landscape, Cityscape and Travel
Ed Rosack General Photography
Julie Lee  Fine Art, Macro, Infrared

Larry Brooks

Nature, Wildlife and Landscape
Katrina H Guensch-Bennett

Gerald Wu

General Photography
Jennifer Wiggins

General Photography
Donald Peters

Landscape, Street & Travel
Wayne Bennett Landscape and Fine Art
Jim Peters Florida Scenes, Events, People & Travel
Reg Garner Landscape and Fine Art Photography
Cheryl Bennett  Flower Photography
Judy Hardiman General and Fine Art Photography
Jim Hardiman General and Fine Art Photography – Training
Katie Foster General Photography
Peter Harrison General Photography
Marian Harrison General Photography
Stefan Mazzola Landscape and Nature Photography
Lee Adler Cultural Portraiture, Scenic Photography
Octavian Cantilli Advertising, Editorial, Corporate, Portraiture, Video
Steve Vaughn Panoramic Photography
Felipe Velaquez Wedding Photography
Brittany Johnson General Photography
Ben Torrales General Photography
Gary Liljegren General Photography
Christian Mildh Photo Illustration, Fine Arts Photography
Arnold Dubin General Photography
Andrea Hernandez General Photography
Dawn Currie General Photography
Aaron Faircloth General Photography
Ursula Dubrick Wildlife Photography
Don Brouillard Nature Photography 
Francisco Gonzalez Travel Photography
Suzann Kaltbaum Digital Artistry
Christopher Berry Landscape, Wildlife and Portrait
Shara Abel Portrait, Teaching, Art Composite and Digitally Enhanced Photography
Jaime Mercado General Photography
Seth Lieberman General Photography
Dorothy Cunningham General Photography
Terry Scopelliti General Photography
Darlene Romano General Photography
Taylor DeArmond General Photography
Richard Wright Astrophotography
Catherine Collins  Family & Children Photography
Dan Jones Landscape, Nature & Wildlife
Beverly Braun General Photography
Edwin Soto General Photography
Gwen Kurzen Landscape and Fine Art
Robb Hawks People, Places and Nature
Robert Willson General Photography

This is a listing of our member’s website addresses.  This is not a listing of all our club members, but only those who have requested  their website information be presented to the public.

If you are a member of the club and would like your website information on this page, please send an email to

Please include your website address and the genre of your work.

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