Club Benefits

The Orlando Camera Club has numerous benefits which include Competition Night, The Camera Academy and field trips.

Competition Night is a series of three competitions; Color-Projected,  Monochrome-Projected and Creative-Projected. The Color-Projected is split into two parts; Color-Projected-Beginner and Color-Projected-Advanced.  The competitions are held about every two months and have a theme. Submissions are expected to be true to the theme.  Three judges are used to score  and critique images submitted.  During competition night each image is presented with its score and the judges will give a brief explanation on what works in the image and suggestions for improvement. The competitions is a great way to help you improve as a photographer.

The Camera Academy is a series of presentations and field trips geared towards helping new photographers or those that need a refresher on the topics of camera basics, exposure, and composition.  If you feel like this program would be helpful for you, whether you just purchased a camera or have been using a camera for a while, we invite you to attend.  The topics will be presented one at a time over a three meeting period.  The goal of The Camera Academy is for the same individuals to attend for the three meeting series; then shortly after the third session, there will be a private field trip held for those individuals with the instructors present. The Camera Academy is scheduled on at “as needed” basis.

Field trips (or shootouts) are a chance to get out with follow camera club members to shoot together, socialize with each other,  practice and learn about our cameras.  Fields trips tend to be half day to day long events to local places to shoot a variety of subjects. Some field trips can be overnight. Members are responsible for their own transportation, food and lodging expenses.

The Orlando Camera Club has its own Flickr account where our members are welcome to post their photos. Here’s the link to the OCC Flickr account OCC Flickr Account.

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