We are always pleased to share some of the many testimonials that the club receives and wanted to share some here.

 Parish Kohanim Parish Kohanim
http://parishkohanim.com/ “Passion, enthusiasm and commitment to taking great photos and insatiable need to learn, is the archetype of the OrlandoCamera Club.  I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and meeting some of the Club members.  The Club is on its way to a greater achievements under the leadership of  Ron Caimano.”
 JasonBurrell Jason Burrell
The Orlando Camera Club is a treasure. Its pursuit of excellence, charitable scholarships, engagement in national competitions and generosity are hallmarks of the quality of its membership. Their commitment is remarkable and sets a standard that transcends the region. Best regards, Jason BurrellHeadshot photo by : Keliy Anderson-Staley
 Bill Bachmann  “I started the ASMP Chapter in Orlando years ago and was the first President.  I also have been a member of PPA in Orlando for many years.  But of all the photo organizations I go to, I like the Orlando Camera Club the most.  The others often have meetings and complain about prices, clients, rights and other professional.

Bill Bachmann

Joyfully, the Orlando Camera Club is different.  The people that come to our meetings just LOVE photography, period!  I still love photography after being a pro for many years, and I never leave a OCC meeting without some inspiration or appreciation of our art form.

I lecture around the USA at many camera clubs.  The talent and fun from our Orlando members is better than any I have seen.” Bill Bachmann

 bryan peterson Bryan Peterson
http://bryanpeterson.com“I have been fortunate to speak at a number of photographic events where of course photographers are a plenty, but no group has demonstrated more enthusiasm and talent for and the creation of the photographic image than the Orlando Camera Club. IF I were a rockstar, Orlando would be the most favored stop on the tour!”

Eric Meola
What a great group of photographers! I’ve spoken there and enjoyed their enthusiasm and reception.  It’s always a boost when the turnout is so good and the Q&A is something I gain from as much as they do.

 Ron Sheppard Rob Sheppard
www.joyofnatureandphotography.comI have done talks and workshops at camera clubs literally from coast to coast, and there are none like the Orlando Camera Club. There is an energy and excitement in this club that is very cool. All people seem to be equally welcomed, from the beginner to the expert, and all share information freely. I am most impressed!
Deborah Sandidge Deborah Sandidge
http://www.deborahsandidge.comI have always found that the Orlando camera Club offers a unique blend of professionalism, education and inspiration to its many talented photographers. Members are passionate about photography, and are happy to share their knowledge with others. A great group! 

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