Welcome to the Orlando Camera Club

Welcome to the Orlando Camera Club website!

Although the Orlando Camera Club isn’t meeting in person right now (due to Covid-19 restrictions), we are partnering with Top Notch photographers from all over the country to bring you excellent learning opportunities, and the best part is, you can learn from the comfort of your home. Please stay tuned to the OCC website, OCC newletters, emails and the Orlando Camera Club Facebook group for news and updates.

Be sure to check out Image Gallery page. It features original bodies of work by OCC members and includes past competition results for both formal competitions and informal challenges. You can find it under Contact Us or https://orlandocameraclub.com/image-gallery/


May Schedule

May 3th –OCC Special Interest Groups Monthly Meeting

Please join us here at 6:30PM for the March meeting of  our Special Interest Groups on zoom. We will break up into groups to discuss special areas of interest. Special Interest Groups include such photographic topics as: Landscape, People, Abstract, Nature, Post Processing, Drone/Video.

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May 12th  Zoom Meeting – “Learning to See Creatively & Understanding Color” by Bryan Peterson

Please join us here at 6:30PM for the Zoom  presentation of  Learning to See Creatively & Understanding Color” by Bryan Peterson. Note that this meeting is on a Wednesday vs Monday.

Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Color. Are you having trouble ‘seeing’? Do you often find yourself heading out the door with the intention of capturing some really compelling image only to come back empty-handed?
Are you long on ideas but short on execution? What is the most common problem EVERY photographer faces in everyday composition? What is the symbolism of the horizontal frame? When is the best time to shoot a vertical composition?
How does LINE, TEXTURE, PATTERN and COLOR influence compositional arrangements? Do you understand the psychology of COLOR? Did you know that every color we see is actually ‘rejected color’? What does your use of color say about you? What two ‘tricks’ can be used over and over in creating compelling landscapes? What is the ONE compositional flaw many photographers fail to overcome when shooting with their wide angle lenses? What is meant by ‘visual weight’? What area of the frame needs ALL of your attention, yet it always gets overlooked? Do you ‘see’ the potential in recording some subjects as out of focus tones or shapes?
Does the ‘rule of thirds’ have to really be a hard and fast rule?
Based in part on Bryan’s TWO other best selling books, Learning To See Creatively and Understanding Color this slide-talk lecture is also about jump-starting your vision with the promise of recording one compelling composition after another.
Bryan is convinced that inside your camera bag a virtual gold mine of compelling compositions awaits, once you fully embrace the unique vision of each of your lenses. Learning how your lenses ‘see’ is essential and vitally important to applying the basic principles of composition. As you will discover, ANY subject can be turned into a compelling shot, no matter how mundane, IF you apply the vast and creative principles that are offered in this lecture on seeing creatively!
This slide talk/lecture is comprised of more than 600 before and after, good/better/best examples and much of his presentation in this slide/talk lecture is based on his two best-selling books, Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Color, and both of these books will be available for sale at the seminar.
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Presidents Message

I want to personally welcome you to the Orlando Camera Club, a place where enthusiastic photo professionals and hobbyists of the greater Orlando area gather, learn, create, and support each other in their photographic adventures. Our club has been a local favorite since April 2004 and was founded Ken Blye, Dwain Cunningham, Wayne Gautreaux, Mary Berger and Bob and Jane Riley. Our continued success is attributed to our members who are actively involved and committed to growth, in numbers, skill, creativity and camaraderie.

Our group of 300+ photographers meet at the Marks Street Senior Center and hope to return soon from our digital/pandemic hiatus. During this time, we are still meeting every second and fourth Monday evening albeit in the digital realm. Last year we have been entertained by a fantastic lineup of speakers, to the likes of Bryan Peterson, Sara Marino, Eva Pollak, Charles Needle, Herb Paynter and covered topics ranging from Impressionistic Photography, Photographing in Small Spaces and How to Reveal Hidden Detail in your Photos.

When you step into our space, you are sure to feel welcomed and inspired by our friendly and skilled photographers. Experience levels range from new beginner, to novice or professional, though they all have in common a passion for our art and are keen to learn together.  If you are looking to find a kindred photographic spirit or maybe just a quick mentor moment, you are guaranteed to find it here at the Orlando Camera Club. We have members who shoot a wide variety of subjects like birding, wildlife, portraits, abstract, landscape, macro with a wide variety of camera brands, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, and other camera brands. Our members also enjoy jumping feet first into new techniques such as light painting, double exposures, intentional camera movement and more.

As part of our program line-up, we also offer competitions every even month that are judged, scored, and critiqued and may be entered in our annual competition. Our informal member challenges run every odd month and is an opportunity to experiment and share and is honored by member voting. We also host an exceptional library with over 270 books free to our members.

Field Trips and community volunteering are some of our member highlights as these solidify additional chances to shoot, give back and socialize, with our Annual Meeting and Banquet being the cherry on top.

If you are a current member of our club, I thank you for your friendship and membership. Exceptional, touching, inspiring and award-winning work come out of our club and our talented members are awe inspiring. It is with a thankful heart that I personally look back on my growth as a photographer and pinpoint my decision to join this club as a pivotal step to my proficiency. As president my sincerest wish is to return this invaluable support to all of you, the members!

Ansa du Toit

President Orlando Camera Club


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Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 AM – 2 PM

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