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Three opportunities to meet every month: in-person and/or on Zoom! Please see our Club Benefits page for more details.

1st Monday of the month is Special Interest Group meetings.
2nd Monday of the month is In-Person meetings.
4th Monday of the month is Zoom meetings.

Please stay tuned to the OCC website, OCC newletters, emails and the Orlando Camera Club Facebook group for news and updates.
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March Schedule
March 6th – SIG Meeting

Please join us here at 6:30PM for our monthly meeting of  our Special Interest Groups on Zoom. We will break up into groups to discuss special areas of interest. Special Interest Groups include such photographic topics as: Landscape, People,  Abstract and Nature.

Please register in advance for this meeting:


March 13th  – Macro Shootout

Please join us at 6:30pm At Marks Senior Center (in person meeting only) for a Macro Shootout to help practice for our Macro competition on April 10.  We will have tables set up with a variety of different objects (some really cool stuff!) and you are welcome to bring extra items from home.  Bring your camera, macro or telephoto lens and a tripod.  If you have flash or off camera lighting, bring that too!  We will also have some extension tubes available if you need them. Remember, if you don’t have a macro lens, a medium telephoto lens will work just fine for this shoot out.

March 27th Zoom Meeting – “Abstract Art Photography” by Ursula Abresch

Please join us at 6:30pm  over zoom for Ursula Abresch’s presentation , “Abstract Art Photography”.

Abstract images do not have an immediate recognizable association with visible, concrete reality. They often are images that originate from reality but create their own reality. They use elements such as colour, light, shadow, line, shape and texture to show memories, feelings, sensations and impressions. They tell stories and play music, create new realities in a unique and individual way, and sometimes are simply the appreciation of great beauty.

With this presentation I hope to inspire photographers of all levels to make pictures in a way that may provide them and the people that view their work a deeper understanding of their subject, but also great satisfaction and joy.

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***  Upcoming Shootouts – TBD ***

Presidents Message

Hello and welcome to the Orlando Camera Club web site. We are a family of photographers, ranging from professionals,  hobbyist, to beginners.

I say we are a family because we support each other, teach each other, and care about all of the members in the group. Our main goal is to further our photography skills and join other members in friendship and creativity. Here at OCC we love the art of photography. I know we all miss the camaraderie  of pre-covid times, that is why I would like to invite everyone to take a look at the club’s new activities.

We have been meeting during the pandemic on zoom and now hold in-person and zoom meetings. Consequently, the club has been able to present  guest speakers from around the country, such as, ICM and landscape photographer, Stephanie Johnson, lighting expert and bird photographer,  Christopher Smith, and infrared photographer, Laurie Klein. It’s great to learn from the best and with Zoom presentations we can achieve that.

We have formed special interest groups to act as mini clubs within the membership which focus on landscape, nature, abstract and people photography. These groups have their own shoot-outs, as well as, joining the main membership on field trips and all the other activities of the club. We recently went to the Gypsy Horse Farm in Ocala and the Polytechnic University in Lakeland. We also stay local and have visited downtown Winter Garden and Sanford, in addition to, the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, and Leu Gardens.

Competitions are another important feature of OCC. We have been able to attract experienced, qualified judges to critique our work during the six themed competitions that are held each year. There is also a year end judging. This is a great way to share the members’ work and learn from friendly contests. Informal challenges are held each month which are voted on by the general membership. This is a wonderful chance to receive casual feedback on themed photos.

I have many more exciting ideas for the club which will be announced soon. Those ideas include workshops, themed shootouts, and more volunteer opportunities. Our biggest asset is our membership, these are the people who make the Orlando Camera Club what it is. I would like to thank you all for stepping up and offering your ideas and knowledge. Your support, dedication, and love of photography makes us a family.

There’s so much more I could tell you about OCC but I don’t have the space in this format. What I can tell you is that I have made great friends and memories  here. I have grown as a photographer and a person. If you are trying to find an outlet for your photography I’d love to have you in our group. I encourage you to  browse the OCC website and Facebook page, talk to a member or contact me so you can experience the OCC family yourself. For our members, I look forward  to working with you all and making it a great year.

Happy and creative photos everyone,

Deborah Seaman

Orlando Camera Club President



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