This page is for common questions about our website and IT related questions.


  • What is the club website running on and who developed it? The club website is hosted by GoDaddy and is running on GoDaddy’s dedicated WordPress servers. We had considered the comparison of wix vs wordpress before going ahead with these, but chose WordPress in the end. These servers are the fastest in the industry utilizing the new SSD solid state drives. The website was developed by Michael Adkins the club IT Director and was launched in January 2016 with direction by the club board and chair members. The site runs on the WordPress platform and utilizes a number of plugin’s to accomplish much of the management tasks of the club. The site utilizes the latest security updates and is cross platform compliant. It is designed to be viewable on any internet browswer. It should be easly readable on both laptop and desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile devices.
  • Why do I need 2 logins and passwords for the club if I want to compete in the club competitions? The club contracts with Software Pursuits Inc. A company that specializes in photo club competitions. This company has its own proprietary system, hosting and has different login and password requirements than our club website.
  • Why does everyone not have access to our competition program? The club pays for a per membership or seat on the competition program website. It has been estimated that less than one third of the membership actually competes in competitions so the club decided to purchase only enough seats for those who compete thereby keeping the cost as low as possible. You are not restricted from gaining an account in the club competitions and only need to request one. If you do not complete in six months your account will be removed. It can then be added back if you decide to compete again. This allows us to manage the minimum accounts needed with Software Pursuits.
  • Why does the club use PayPal for dues and do I have to have an account with PayPal in order to pay my dues? The club uses PayPal because it integrates well in our club website and our membership management tool. You do not need to be a member of PayPal in order to pay your dues using PayPal. PayPal takes all common Credit and Debit Cards. If you do not wish to pay using PayPal you can mail a check or pay with cash at one of the meetings. For more information click on Become A Member link on our website home page.
  • Why did the club change the newsletters to an Adobe PDF format and do I need Adobe Reader to read it? Today most web browsers as well as apps on mobile devices reads Adobe PDF formats. Adobe PDF is the industry standard format for reading and viewing documents. The reason the club changed was to make the newsletter more accessible and cross platform compliant with the ability to now save and print your newsletters. We also are now archiving our newsletters on the club website.
  • Can members have personal galleries on our website? Unfortunately the amount of time and labor to create and manage individual galleries is just not possible. However, if you complete in the club competitions you can create a gallery on that site. You can also have a link to a personal website that can be placed under About Us / Club Members Websites. If you want a personal website there are a great number of options available for you on the internet.
  • Who maintains the club website? The website was designed by Michael Adkins the club IT Director who built it from the ground up using off the shelf software and commercially available tools. The website management, security, and technical aspects are maintained by Michael Adkins. Many of the pages and management functions of the club website are maintained by board members for their respective area of responsibility.
  • Is information and pictures that was on the old website still accessible? Every attempt to back up as much data possible from the old website was done. But unfortunately much of the data could not be saved. This is common in a re-design of a website.
  • Can I submit suggestions to be considered in the new website? Absolutely. We encourage all suggestions. As club members the website belongs to you. If you would like to make a suggestion please submit a help desk request. That will go directly to the IT Director.

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