Used Gear Market Place

It you have equipment stacking up and gathering dust turn it into cash.  If you are looking for great photography gear at a reasonable price here is the spot.

This is a list of gear that is being offered by members of the Orlando Camera club.  You do not need to be a member to buy the equipment.  But you do need to be a member to sell.

To Buy
Just send an email to  [email protected] and be sure to note the item number you are interested in.  The email will be forwarded to the member who listed the item and that member will get back to you.

To Sell
Just send an email to [email protected]  Attach a photo and a complete description of the item you are selling.  Be sure to add any details and the price you want to sell the item for.  I will contact you back when the item has been placed on our site.  When the item sells please email [email protected] and indicate the item number that sold.



ITEM NUMBER Description Picture Price
10.a One year old Canon 5D MK III in excellent condition.
10.b One year old Canon 5Ds in excellent condition.
11 Canon EF50mm f/1.8 STM lens great shape, used once. $65.00
12 Nikon 1 J1 with batteries, charger, cable and Nikon case.  Camera does report at error when a lens is attached. $80.00
13.a Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT Flash $200
13.b Canon 55-250 mm lens $100
13.d LowePro carrying bag $25
14 AF-S NIKKOR 400mm F2.8G, ED VR LENS.

Very clean in excellent condition and comes with original hard case and lowepro back pack.

More pics available upon request.

15 The Perfect Canon EOS40D Starter Kit which includes all the items pictured. $250.00
16.a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 G IF-ED VR – excellent condition. Right hand side of the photo, $1100.00
16.b Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 G – excellent condition. Left hand side of the photo. $750.00
17.a Beseler 23C III-XL Condenser Enlargers

23CIII-XL Twin-Girder Chassis Condenser Lamphouse Projection Lamp  (PH-140) Laminated White Baseboard Instruction ManualCondition: Very Good

I have two enlargers.

$950 (each); $1800 (both)
17.b Arista 1:3.5 f=50mm
Enlarger LensCondition: Very Good 40
17.c Nikon EL-Nikkor 1:2.8 f=50mm Enlarger Lens

Condition: Very Good

17.d Kodak Darkroom Lamp

Series 1A
Spotlight Filter
Original Packaging
Like New

17.e GraLab Enlarger Timer 505

Condition: Very Good



17.f Original Beseler Negative Carrier 8053

Full Frame 35 mm

Condition: Very Good

17.g GraLab Enlarger Timer 450

Condition: Very Good

17.h Premier Safelight
15W Max.Lamp
5 x 7 Gray Metal needs lamp replacementCondition: Very Good
17.i Ilford Multigrade Filter Set
Kit of 12 Mounted Filters 2½” x 2½”Includes Holder & Case
17.j Ilfor Multigrade Filter Set
6” x 6” (12 Filters)Condition: Very Good
17.k Bestwell Minisight Grain Focusing Scope
Focus FinderCondition: Very Good
17.l Pro 4-in-1 Enlarging Easel
For 8×10, 5 x 7, 3½ x 5, 2¼ x 3¼New (original packaging)
17.m 7 ½” Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank
One 35mm Stainless Steel Film Developing Reel
Two 120 Stainless Steel Film Developing Reel
One 7” stainless steel Lifting RodCondition: Excellent
17.n 3 ¾” Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank
Two 35mm Stainless Steel Film Developing ReelCondition: Excellent
17.p Universal 2-Reel Film Developing Tank
35mm ReelsCondition: Excellent
17.o Darkroom Accessories

Three Developing Trays 11½” x 10½”x2½”
Six Developing Trays 19¼” x 14¾” x 3”
Three Kalt 1-Gallon Data Bottles
One 36 fl.oz. (1000 ml) Graduate
One 2 fl.oz. (55 ml) Graduate
One 36 fl.oz. (1000 ml) Beaker
One Film Squeegee
Four Film Clips
Six Print Tongs Book:
Intro to Darkroom

17.q Daylab 35 Polaroid 35mm Slide Printer Includes: Power Supply, Instruction Manual, all in the original Box Book Creative Photo Printmaking (a gift)

Like New (hardly used a bargain price)

17.r Projection Print Calculator Scale

New (have 2 of them)

$9 each; $15 for both
17.s Kodak Sepia II Warm Toner
Makes 946ml / 1 US QuartNew (have 3 bags)
$10 each;

$25 for all three

17.t WIKOPH/140 Enlarger Lamp
New (have 8 lamps)
$5 each

(will discount on 3+ lamps)

17.u GE PH/140 Enlarger Lamp

New (have 3 lamps)

$5 each

(will discount on 3+ lamps)

17.v WIKO PH/111A AV/Photo Lamp 125V / 75W


18.a Nikon N2020 Camera body &
Nikon MC-12A Remote Release Cord
Nikon MB-3 AA Battery Holder new
Nikon Shoulder Strap
Instruction Manual &
Book: Complete Nikon N2020 User GuideCondition: Excellent
  ALL $65
18.b Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 Lens & Hoya
52mm UV Filter
Includes Both CapsCondition: Excellent
18.c Hoya HMC 52mm UV0 Filter

Condition: Excellent

18.d Sekonic Light Meter Dualmaster L558 with RT module-32
Includes: Carrying Case, Lens Cap,
Strap, and Instruction ManualCondition: Like New
18.e Nikon CoolScan V ED LS-50
Film/Slide Scanner
Includes: MA-21 Slide Mount
Adapter, SA-21 Strip Film Adapter,
Power Cord, User ManualCondition: Like New
  $750 (a bargain price)
18.f Avenger D705B Collapsible Reflector Holder
26” Height, Extends to 73”
includes Spring Clips
Condition: Excellent
I have two holders
$35 (each) ; $60 (both)
18.g Light Stand (2)
Black, Solid Built
Max Height 93”Condition: Excellent
$25 each ($45 both)
18.h Light Stand (2)
Black, Solid Built, Air-Cushioned, Max Height 84”
Model: SLS-LS8A
Like New (hardly used)
$25 each ($45 both)
(new at $50 each)
18.i Shoot-through Photoflex Umbrella (2)
45” White Nylon Umbrella
Model: Um-Rud 45Like New (hardly used)
$20 each ($35 both)
(new at $35 each)
18.j Black 20” Light Stand
Max Height 36”
Model: SLS-LS3Condition: Excellent
(new at $60)
18.k Posing Table
Black Cloth on Surface
Adjustment Lever
Measurements: 27”L 17”W 28”H
(Max Height 35”)Condition: Excellent
$35 (new at $75)
18.l Soligor/Nikon 2x Tele-converter Lens
Instruction Manual, Caring CaseCondition: Excellent
18.m Da-Lite Versatol Presentation Screen (72263)
70” x 70”, Matte White
Automatic Push-Button Operation
Built-in Fingertip Extension Lock
Sturdy Tripod & Extension Tube
Heavy Duty Carrying Case (black)Condition: Excellent
18.n Custom-Made Foldable Bookends (2)
White Board, Stable
Soft Carrying Bag (in blue)
Transportable: can be placed on the
car’s back-seat
Adjust to desirable angle via a built-in
Velcro mechanism
Bookend Measurement:
36”W x 84” H (42”H Folded)



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